1621 Will


In July 1662 during the 18th year of King James 1st of England (6th of Scotland) Jevan Morgan made his Will. He left Pant-y-Llwyn to his son John and made provision for his wife to live there for the rest of her life. He also made a special provision for his son Jevan on his wedding anniversaries. His stock he split between his wife and children: John, Rytherch, Agness, Johan and Morgan.

The value of the estate (excluding the land and buildings which are not mentioned) was £17 6s 8d in 1662 which equates to £2,775.69 using the retail prices index or £32,221.54 using average earnings in 2007 terms.


IN THE NAME OF GOD amen the nineteenth day of July in the eighteenth year of the reign of our¶

Sovereign Lord King James by the grace of God Kinge of England France and Ireland King Defender¶

of the faith and the kainge of Scotland liiijth I Jevan Morgan of the parish of Ystradvellty¶

in the county of Brecknock Fite in bodie and no fole in mind thanks be to god I make my last¶

will and testament in manner and forme following, offerst and comitt my soul into the hands of allmightie¶

God my maker and redeemer in custome and through custome I saye to be saied and my bodie to be buried¶

in the church of Ystradvelltey after the vicres of St Davids. Item I overgive and bequeath to my wife¶

Gwenllian vz Rytherch one tenemant of land named Tye pant y llwyn during her natural lief her¶

the said Gwenllian paying to Jevan ap Jevan my sonne xls upon the daie of his weddinge yierlie during¶

her natural life I doe give and bequeath a field tenemant of land called tyr pant y llwyn to the¶

said John ap Jevan my sonne and his Heires forever Item I doe give and bequeath to John ap Jevan my¶

sonne two yearlings and vi lambes, Item I do give and bequeath to Rytherch my sonne four yearlings¶

and viii lambes, Item I doe give and bequeath to Agness my daughter one beast of two years ould, Item I doe¶

give and bequeath to Johan vz Jevan my daughter four Heyfers of three yeare ould Item I Doo give and¶

bequeath one beast of two years ould, Item I doe give and bequeath to Morgan ap Jevan my sonne one¶

beast of two years old, Item I doe give and bequeath to Gwenllyan my wief sixe kine and xviij loads¶

of Sheepe Item I do give and bequeath to Gwenllyan vz Rytherch my wief one meadow called Kay Key¶

to be for foure yeares to be occupied, Item I doe make and ordaine Gwenllian vz Rytherch my wife and¶

Morgan ap Jevan my sonne my faithful executors to administer my goods and to pay my bequests, In witnes¶

Morgan Griffiths and Morgan ap William and Tomas Morgan Rees Noitarie¶