1787 Map

South Wales, containing Brecknock, Cardigan, Carmarthen, Glamorgan, Pembroke, and Radnor Shires.
London: Published as the Act directs September 1st 1787 by J. Cary, Engraver. Map & Print seller the corner of Arundel Street Strand.

Brecknockshire is an inland county, in the provice of Canterbury, and diocese of St. David's; 33 miles long; 32 broad, and 120 miles in circumference; containing 590 square miles, or 377,600 acres, divided into 6 hundreds, having 61 parishes, and four market-towns, viz. Brecknock, the county town, which sends one member to parliament; Builth, hay, and Crickhowel. Its principle rivers are the Hodney, Wye, Usk, and the Yrvon; its manufactures are woolen stuffs and stockings; and its products, corn, pastures, cattle, otters, and river fish, with an abundance of fowel. It is very pleasant, but mountainous, and in the vallies fertile. It sends 2 members to paliament, one for the county, amd one as above-mentioned; it pays one part of the land-tax, and provides 160 men to the national militia.